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Because of the class of people who used this knife design, it became known as the peasant knife. There are many different kinds of pocket knives and below we describe all the major types, as well as offer a little history as to how they came to be. Note that we mention various types of blades throughout; if you don’t know what pocket knives what blade is a particular blade is, don’t worry, we’ll cover those in the next section. Despite being an admirer and collector of pocket knives, I didn’t know much about them. I wanted to move beyond simply thinking pocket knives were cool to really understanding their features and inner workings, so I set out on a research project.

  • Around the same time that cutlers were developing the slip joint knife, they were also experimenting with lock blade folding knives.
  • The Cara Cara 2 is a great pick for anyone looking for a super light weight carry option.
  • Others prohibit certain blade styles perceived by law enforcement and legal authorities as optimal for offensive fighting, transforming the pocketknife from a utility tool into a deadly weapon.

The clip point is one of the most common blades you’ll see on pocket knives. It’s called a clip point because the final third of the back of the blade is “clipped.” The clip can be either straight or concave. Additionally, tactical folding knives have blades that come in handy in tactical situations. Besides being sharp and clipped, the blade will usually also have a serrated edge that can be put to use in cutting through tough material.

Miscellaneous Designs

This is easily prevented by ensuring the blade is properly dried and oiled as necessary. It is important to remember that all steel, even stainless steel, will rust in time if the conditions are right, and therefore to prevent rust one must just prevent the conditions which can cause rust. Despite the fact that this steel will lose its edge relatively quickly, the edge it does retain and the overall durability and hardness of the steel make this one of the best steels available. Commonly known as S30V, this is one of the best steels possible and comes with a price tag that reflects that, as prices for these knives are rarely under $150. Most of the well-known and loved steels are mixed with elements, heated to a precise temperature and then treated in specific ways. This does not come cheap and a lot of the quality steels will be significantly higher quality, yet higher price tag than their budget competitors.

It was originally designed to help castrate and spay herd animals. Somehow “spay” got turned into “spey.” At least that’s how the story goes. While we no longer have to sharpen https://2015.dancemassive.com.au/news-item/guide-to-wood-carving-pocket-knives-what-blade-is/ quills, many multiple-blade pocket knives still include a pen blade in the mix. It’s a small blade, and not very sharp, but comes in handy for tasks that require delicate work.


Each state is different, but there are some general guidelines to follow if you own or carry a pocketknife. Remember, a sharp knife is much easier and safer to use than a dull knife, so learn to maintain a sharp edge. https://2015.dancemassive.com.au Zytel is one of the strongest materials you can use as a knife handle. It is a thermoplastic developed by DuPont to be highly abrasion and impact resistant, while retaining low cost and improving durability.

The Barlow knife was especially popular with farmers in the early 20th century; it was also the favorite blade of author Mark Twain. The handle is long and slender and can be made with a variety of materials; expensive Barlow knives often have handles made of elaborately carved ivory. The Gerber Gator folding knife and Gerber multi-tools remain big sellers. The recent line of Bear Grylls survival knives, including the Bear Grylls pocket knife, have shot up in popularity. Here’s a list of some of the most popular knife brands, a little background and a few of their top models.

Whats Most Important To You In A Pocket Knife?

The handle features detailed decoration that greatly contributes to the character of the knife. It also has decorative gold-painted caps that blend in with the olive wood for a truly stunning knife. Let’s start off by saying that any knife on this list should be completely sufficient for any task you throw at it. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a modern every day carrier that looks more tactical in nature, or are just looking for a traditional Stockman. All the knives on this list are solid choices and will function well for whatever your needs are. This is relative to both the size and materials the knife is made of.

pocket knives what blade is

Frame lock is similar to a liner lock in the way it engages and disengages the blade. However, instead of a handle liner, the frame lock uses part of the frame itself to engage the tang and fix the blade. There are many alloys used to make the blade and two main types you will see – stainless steel and carbon steel.

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